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Monday, October 31, 2005

What pisses me off this week.... Fanboys

... or fan-girls for that matter... It’s those people that know everything there is available about a certain celebrity, or, even worst, about a video game. They get ecstatic whenever they get near this “dream person” and start screaming, fainting andlooking stupid with every occasion. How does someone turn into such a thing? Are their lives so empty that they need to fill them with someone else’s life? I’m pretty sure they’re not born that way... So most likely the media hype around these people made some weak souls become die-hard fans. The problem is that these people won’t accept anything that comes in contradiction with their perfect image of this person. They’re able to accept any flaw or reject any argument that would damage their idol. I wonder if they would do the same for people that they actually know and that have more impact on their lives... Because, in the end, they don’t actually KNOW these people... most of them have never met them or at the most have seen them from a distance. A lot of these “stars” have major issues – if you take away all the money and the media – you’re left with some average Joe that beats his wife and spends all his money on booze. Some of them are indeed very good at what they do – hats off to them. But, come to think about it, they’re not that special. There are also other people that are very good in their work field, but you don’t see them walking around and having every action overanalyzed by crazed fans and media. Uuuuuh, Brad Pitt just scratched himself! And not only that, he used his left arm to do it! Oh My God, he’s soooo cuuuuuuteee! Jeeezzz! To all fans: wake up and stop idolizing people that sometimes are not even better than you or me. Some of them deserve our respect because they indeed bring something valuable in the world, but even so, it’s not worth fainting when you meet them! Hell, given the proper time and marketing, even Charles Manson would have his own fan club!



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